Fill Color Excel Shortcut Key: A Quick Guide

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Excel is one of the most powerful tools for data analysis and management. It has a wide range of features that can help you perform complex calculations, create charts and graphs, and even automate repetitive tasks. One of the most commonly used features in Excel is the ability to fill cells with different colors. This can help you visually distinguish different types of data, highlight specific information, or just make your spreadsheet look more appealing. In this article, we’ll show you how to use the fill color Excel shortcut key to save time and improve your workflow.

What is the Fill Color Shortcut Key?

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The fill color shortcut key is a keyboard combination that allows you to quickly fill cells with a specific color. Instead of manually selecting a color from the fill color menu, you can simply press a few keys on your keyboard to apply the color you want. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you need to fill a large number of cells with the same color.

How to Use the Fill Color Shortcut Key?

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Using the fill color shortcut key is very easy. First, select the cell or range of cells that you want to fill with color. Then, press the Alt + H + H keys on your keyboard. This will open the fill color menu. You can use the arrow keys or the mouse to select the color you want, or you can type the corresponding number or letter for the color. For example, to fill a cell with red color, you can press the letter R. Once you have selected the color, press Enter to apply it to the selected cells.

Customizing the Fill Color Shortcut Key

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If you use a specific color frequently, you can customize the fill color shortcut key to apply that color directly. To do this, go to the File tab, select Options, and then click on Customize Ribbon. In the Customize Ribbon window, click on the Customize button next to the Keyboard shortcuts option. In the Categories list, select Home Tab, and in the Commands list, scroll down to Fill Color. Select the desired color, and then click on the Press new shortcut key box. Press the keyboard combination that you want to assign to that color and then click on Assign. Finally, click on Close to save the changes.

Other Tips for Using Fill Color in Excel

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Here are some additional tips for using fill color in Excel:

  1. Use contrasting colors to highlight important data. For example, use red for negative values and green for positive values.
  2. Use fill color to create heat maps or color-coded charts. This can help you visualize patterns and trends in your data.
  3. Use conditional formatting to automatically apply fill color based on specific rules or criteria. This can save you a lot of time and help you stay organized.


Using the fill color shortcut key in Excel can help you save time and improve your workflow. By customizing the shortcut key and using other tips for fill color, you can create visually appealing and informative spreadsheets that make it easier to analyze your data.

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