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Excel 2010 is a powerful spreadsheet application that can help you to perform various calculations, analyze data, and create professional-looking reports. One of the useful features of Excel is the ability to convert numbers to words using the “Rumus Terbilang” function.

What is Rumus Terbilang Excel 2010?

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Rumus Terbilang is an Indonesian term that means “Formula Spell Out” or “Formula in Words”. In Excel 2010, this function allows you to convert any number into words, which can be useful for creating invoices, receipts, or other documents where you need to spell out the total amount in words.

How to Use Rumus Terbilang Excel 2010

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Using Rumus Terbilang in Excel 2010 is very simple. All you need to do is follow these steps:

  1. Select the cell where you want to display the number in words.
  2. Type the following formula: =TERBILANG(number)
  3. Replace “number” with the actual number that you want to convert.
  4. Press Enter to display the number in words.

For example, if you want to convert the number 1234 into words, you would type the following formula: =TERBILANG(1234). Excel will display “Seribu Dua Ratus Tiga Puluh Empat” (which means “One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four” in Indonesian).

Advanced Rumus Terbilang Excel 2010

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Rumus Terbilang Excel 2010 also allows you to customize the way the numbers are displayed in words. For example, you can use different units of measurement (such as “ribu” for thousands, “juta” for millions, or “milyar” for billions), or you can change the language (to English, for example).

To do this, you need to add some additional arguments to the formula. Here are some examples:

  • =TERBILANG(1234,”ribu”) – displays “Satu Ribu Dua Ratus Tiga Puluh Empat”
  • =TERBILANG(1234567,”juta”) – displays “Satu Juta Dua Ratus Tiga Puluh Empat Ribu Lima Ratus Enam Puluh Tujuh”
  • =TERBILANG(1234567890,”milyar”) – displays “Satu Milyar Dua Ratus Tiga Puluh Empat Juta Lima Ratus Enam Puluh Tujuh Ribu Delapan Ratus Sembilan Puluh”
  • =TERBILANG(1234,”english”) – displays “One Thousand Two Hundred Thirty Four”


Rumus Terbilang Excel 2010 is a powerful tool that can save you a lot of time and effort when you need to convert numbers into words. By following the simple steps outlined in this article, you can easily use this function to create professional-looking documents that will impress your clients and colleagues.

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