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Microsoft Excel is a popular productivity software used to organize and analyze data. It offers various features that make data entry and analysis efficient and easy. One of the best ways to work efficiently in Microsoft Excel is by using keyboard shortcuts instead of relying on the mouse. Keyboard shortcuts can save time and reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury caused by using the mouse for extended periods.

Why Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Excel?

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Using a mouse for data entry and analysis in Excel can be slow and inefficient. It requires repeatedly moving your hand back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse, which can lead to repetitive strain injury. Keyboard shortcuts, on the other hand, allow you to perform tasks quickly and efficiently without taking your hands off the keyboard.

Keyboard shortcuts can also help you to work more accurately. For instance, selecting cells with the mouse can be imprecise, especially when working with large datasets. Using keyboard shortcuts, however, helps you to select cells more accurately and faster.

Common Excel Keyboard Shortcuts in Bahasa Indonesia

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Below are some of the most common Excel keyboard shortcuts in Bahasa Indonesia:

  • CTRL + C: Copy
  • CTRL + V: Paste
  • CTRL + X: Cut
  • CTRL + Z: Undo
  • CTRL + Y: Redo
  • CTRL + S: Save
  • CTRL + N: Create new workbook
  • CTRL + O: Open workbook
  • CTRL + P: Print workbook
  • CTRL + F: Find and Replace
  • CTRL + H: Replace
  • CTRL + A: Select all
  • CTRL + B: Bold
  • CTRL + I: Italic
  • CTRL + U: Underline
  • CTRL + F1: Expand or minimize the ribbon
  • CTRL + F4: Close workbook
  • CTRL + F6: Switch between workbooks

How to Learn Excel Keyboard Shortcuts

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Learning Excel keyboard shortcuts can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. However, with practice, you can master the most common shortcuts and become more productive. Here are some tips on how to learn Excel keyboard shortcuts:

  • Start with the most common shortcuts: Focus on learning the most common shortcuts first. These shortcuts are the ones you will use most often, and they will make the most significant impact on your productivity.
  • Practice regularly: Set aside some time each day to practice using keyboard shortcuts. The more you practice, the more comfortable you will become with using the shortcuts.
  • Use cheat sheets: Print out a cheat sheet of the most common shortcuts and keep it next to your computer. This will help you to remember the shortcuts and use them more frequently.
  • Watch tutorials: There are many Excel tutorials available online that cover keyboard shortcuts. Watch these tutorials to learn new shortcuts and reinforce the ones you already know.


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Using keyboard shortcuts in Excel can save time, reduce the risk of repetitive strain injury, and make data entry and analysis more accurate. Learning Excel keyboard shortcuts may seem daunting, but with practice and the right resources, you can become more productive and efficient.

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